Letter to My Future Husband # 1

Dear Mr. Florabel Sarausa:

As of the very moment that you are reading this, I might already be changing from my wedding dress to my sleeping gown.  I could never afford being around while you go through these words I have come up with as I step up from adolescence to adulthood. I might as well be beside you but cuddling beneath the sheets, trying to bury my face in the pillows as I am afraid you’re gonna see me blushing.


Either way, I am more than happy and thankful that we are finally starting our lives not as two people who have just decided to stay under the same roof but as one couple bounded together by God’s love, for eternity. You were a long-time coming. Today is March 25th of 2012, and I have just turned 18. (laugh) I am still very much new to this so-called adulthood, and although we haven’t officially met yet, I am very much looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together: holding each other’s hand and exchanging smiles as we make idle strolls in the nearby park, evening meals together, lots of cuddles and movies, laugh-trips and food-trips to cherish, through the good times and the bad times.  Oh yeah, there will be those little, little skirmishes, but I would have perfected my pout by then; I’m sorry you will not be able to resist it. Haha.

You must already be wondering now why on earth am I writing about a life with a man I haven’t even lived with yet. Ngano jud diay? (laugh) Because I want to be connected with you as someone God has prepared for you to marry. Of course, we’ve probably had those three-to-five-hour-long talks already, but the past has its own way of changing itself. History sometimes gets retold in a totally different way than how events could actually unfold. There are so many things I wanna tell you, some about much of my life I wish you had been a part of.

Most people do not have the faintest idea yet about who and what kind of person their future husbands will be. But one thing I do know: you are a loving, warm, gentle soul who seeks for wisdom from God in leading this household in accordance to His will (and whose arms I can’t wait to wrap myself in a huge embrace someday).

Our love story may not be much like those of Disney fairy tales or Jack and Rose’s or even Edward and Bella’s.  But it will surely be told in the most remarkable way, because it is God, the Almighty Creator and our loving Father, who has written our story.  I am looking forward to meeting you five years from this very day.

I’ll see you not later but sooner in the not-so-distant future.

Lots of love,


P.S. At the very least, at least we can get a kick out of these letters when we’re older. And maybe pass them on to our grandkids? Okay, I won’t think that far ahead….yet. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Letter to My Future Husband # 1

  1. What a beautifully written letter, Bel…with deep insights of what kind of a man you want to share your future married life…I hope, one respectable young man out there who also loves God can read this letter…who knows if you ever believe on it…he can be your “SoulMate”…Well, all I can say in additional to what I’ve already started…the man who will find you…finds a real gem…and hope that he too possesses the qualities of the man you’re looking for to be your future husband…Good luck, Bel…and tho it’s quite late, I greet you…Happy 18th Birthday, Girl!!! God bless you more!!!

    From: Auntie Mercy Hinoguin

    • Thank you so much, Ante Mercy. 🙂 Truly, naga look forward jud ko for the man God will soon give me. I would be praying that this man will be of Biblical character and that he may be able to look beyond what can be perceived in me by his physical eyes. By that I mean sana makita jud niya, through God’s perspective, ang virtue and the royal nobility of womanhood, (and for that, I must also be working on my character. hehe)

      God is just so great and all glory to Him! 😀 Thank you so much pud sa greetings. God’s grace and blessings abound! 😀

  2. hahaha… wat dah flor? 🙂 God bless u and ur future hubby! hihi… 5 years from now? hahaha… c’yah wearing ur gown as u walk in the isle. 🙂 but i wud luk 4ward for a Godly life u 2 will create. mwahx!

    • Kagilok sa wedding gown! Hahaha 😀 Pero amen jud te, I’ll claim jud na God will be working and will be doing great things in the life we will be sharing… SOON! Hehehe 😀

  3. Wiwww, had great smile and imagining while reading. Xoxo cute this @florrieish .. Looking forward seeing you in that wedding gown. Tag me on fb when that most beautiful moment of your life come, i love to see those (nakikiisyoso, hehe),, nice! 🙂 God bless, Flor.

    • Hahaha. Thanks ate Nellan. This is actually way too far from reality pa, as in like five, six, seven years from now. As much as I am so excited and looking forward to that, too, I am also dreading that day, not because of the man I’ll be marrying but because of all the white dress and poofy stuff I’ll soon deal with. Hahha. And yeah, I would gladly do. I even think inviting you and the rest of the CD family would not be too much to ask for, is it? Hehe. 😀 Again, thanks for that te, and I would also pray for God to bless you more. :))))

  4. Nice letter you have here my Sister… its just that (oohhh nevermind) hahaha… well.. it seems to me that you already know this guy and its so strange… very strange the way he’s been dressed up by your words… ‘adorned’ if you will… and I find it so so so odd… kick the cat if Im wrong or is it just me? has anyone notice? hahaha… hmmmmmmm… nevertheless let me add some footnote here – God will be giving you not so much of what everyone else wants you to have (the “ice-drop and ice-cream” thing is ‘in one sense’ not true) or even what you desire (oh im sure you know!) though He will not take away the important qualities you’ve been praying for (the reward of faith) but He’ll give you a partner that will be weak in the areas you want him strong so you may exercise grace and be like Christ. He’ll surely lift His purpose above even the things which are ‘good’ all for His glory first and your ultimate good.

    I’m sure your husband will be blessed by You…
    and i will be there… If you want me too…
    to guide you if not all the way through,
    at least in some tiny crucial details for You.

    But Oh (let me tell you this again)
    He (God) loves you so,
    what words should be utter, what more should be said,
    I can see it, I thus know, that He really loves You!.

    God loves You Florabel Sarausa!

    Your Brother

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