Letter to My Future Husband # 2

Dear Mr. Florabel Sarausa:

I’m sure you know by now that sometimes, I have a tendency to become a bit, well, fixated on things sometimes. And lately? Well, I’ve been sort of fixated on the beginning of us. No, I’m not talking about the moment our parents conceived us, dude (even if I know that would be a bit too much fixating….), but I am talking about a birth of sorts. OK. That admittedly did sound a bit cheesy, but it neatly sums up my point.

Really, I’m talking about the moment our story began. The moment (or moments…?) we went from a you and me to a we. A fusion of sorts. Dude, I know you’re probably looking at me and smiling right now, but that’s not the sort of fusion I’m talking about. Stop it. Geez.

I hope to have all my letters in a spiffy little book by the time we’re married. But because, at least to me, this topic is a pretty significant one, I wanted to take things little by little.

My question: How do I know that my beginning hasn’t started yet? Heck, it could have started without me even knowing it. Sometimes I think, “Oh wow. What if I know him already?” Hint: By him, I’m talking about you, dude, in case your head is still spinning from that fusion comment.  Whatever.

He (you…) could be the guy I pass on the street every day and don’t even give a second glance. You could be the guy sitting across from me at a fast food chain. You could live down the street from me. We could pass each other every day at school and not even know it. Or we could be sitting in class together. Or, you could be all the way on the other side of the world (the romantic in me has visions of us meeting in the middle…or something like that).

You could even be someone I’ve known forever, maybe even since I was a kid.

Oh, shoot, I wasn’t even thinking much about that last one. Now I’m going to want to go through my entire friends’ list on Facebook.

I think those, though, would be the guys I’d least expect to be you, dude, if that makes any sort of sense at all.

Isn’t that an odd thing to think about? That I’m sitting here in 2013 writing this letter to you, thinking you’re someone I have yet to meet, and for all I know, you’re already in my life.  Maybe I even talk to you on a semi-regular basis, but just haven’t had that spark moment yet, you know? The moment where everything comes together, and I think, “Wow, have you always been this amazing, or have I just been asleep at the love wheel for the last few years that we’ve known each other?”

And then my friend brought something interesting to my attention.

Para nako, naga-depende raman na sa perspective. Basi diay ikaw nagsugod na, siya wala pa. Naa lang man jud na siya sa paligid-ligid ba. Wa gani ka kabalo, basi siya gasugod na sa imu unya ikaw wa pa kaila sa iya.

Maybe I’ve been a bit self-absorbed, dude, and for that, I do apologize. I’d been thinking so much about my beginning with you that I haven’t really given much thought to your beginning with me. And it’s true. Our two beginnings may not even align. Our moments could be, well, two very separate moments. Separated by months, even years and maybe even continents. Do you ever think about that? Have you found me, but I haven’t found you yet? Can’t wait to find out. Until we meet… 😉

Lots of love,

Labelle ♥


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